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Italian Luxury Group Shower Gel Buonamici Ultrasmooth Bath & Shower Gel 200ml Brand

Buonamici Ultrasmooth Bath & Shower Gel 200ml

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This ultra smooth bath and shower gel will leave skin feeling smooth and clean after use. The rich formula also acts as a moisturizer and restores and revitalizes the skin. A powerful moisturizer and cleanser in one, this bath and shower gel leaves the skin feeling fresh and revitalized. The formula is enriched with natural extracts that help to moisturize and exfoliate the skin. This rich bath and shower gel derives its energizing properties from its formulations based on Hamamelis leaf extract which helps to moisturize and cleanse the skin.
  • With Tuscan Olive Oil 100% Organic
  • Made in Florence Italy
  • EU regulations regarding organic farming ban the use of chemicals:

Fertilisers, insecticides, fungicides, phytosanitary products, but also ionising radiation, genetically modified products, colourants and preservatives.

Organic farming therefore uses crop rotation and organic fertilisers.

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